A floor-pegged cryptodollar

Any enterprise with a dollar-denominated cost structure would have to swallow the exchange-rate risk if they accepted a cryptocurrency in payment. With the current level of exchange rate volatility, this generally makes cryptocurrencies unsuitable for doing business in the fiat world.


A Real World Medium of Exchange


Always a dollar's worth of EPIC

This is the whole function of the EUSD cryptodollar, which will launch under the Epicenter umbrella Q1 2022: one EUSD token is always and instantly redeemable for $1 worth of Epic Cash.

Blockchain agnostic

EUSD is multi-chain and will eventually be available on other chains such as Solana, Kadena, Polkadot, Chia, Binance Smart Chain, and ~30+ others

Censorship Resistant

EUSD involves no fiat in bank accounts. It cannot be blocked, blacklisted, shut down, or otherwise impaired.

Regulatory Compatible

No ICO, no pre-mine, Howey, Stable Act, & 1174 friendly. Designed for sustainability.