Private Bitcoin for the people.

BTC is not Bitcoin. BTC is a surveillance coin. Epic Cash is the original Bitcoin Standard, updated with the revolutionary Mimblewimble privacy protocol, ensuring complete anonymity, scalability and fungibility. Epic Cash – decentralized, confidential, hard money that can’t be controlled or stopped. Financial freedom for the masses.


Fungible P2P electronic cash


A soft-pegged stablecoin


Algorithmic Central Bank

Cryptocurrencies in general, and Bitcoin (BTC) in particular, have proven to be massively successful when it comes to maintaining a store of value. Despite all the volatility in the dollar price, the overall trajectory has been quite clear. We expect this trend will continue as more people recognize the inflationary threat inherent in fiat currencies. While great as a store of value, however, BTC appears to have fallen victim to Gresham’s Law when it comes to acting as a medium of exchange – it is too valuable to be used in day-to-day transactions. It has instead evolved into digital gold, held either as a speculative investment or long-term savings. Its monetary velocity is understandably low.

The starting premise of the Epicenter ecosystem was that there is real value in providing a “Bitcoin for the Masses”: i.e., a blockchain-based economic ecosystem, starting from the Bitcoin model, but optimized to appeal to small-scale users for day-to-day transactions.

A wide range of algorithm improvements have been incorporated into the open-source software to allow low cost, secure, peer-to-peer transactions, either in crypto or fiat equivalent, across a decentralized network.